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Lissa Lauria

A native New Yorker, Lissa cut her teeth on the stage and grew up in an environment that fueled her creativity. After a house fire that ultimately changed her life, she lost everything, but gained found her love for music and entertainment.

Although she’s an Alternative Country/Pop and even a bit of Americana singer by genre, her undeniably unique vocals and different view of the world is what has made her fearless in her art. Everything she writes, she does with full conviction…and if she sings it, you’re going to feel it.

As a teen, she plunged head first into the entertainment industry and was one of the young actresses in the mix for several Disney TV shows, including the infamous Hannah Montana. Recognizing Lissa’s indisputable talent, her family moved to Los Angeles to afford more opportunities for her.

Immediately, upon arriving in L.A., Lissa was booked, along with The Stained Pink band, as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers in Atlanta, Georgia. Hardly in LA long enough to unpack, Lissa booked a lead role in the indie music feature, All Ages Night, which flourished into a teen iconic film and was released on Starz and Encore. Soon to follow was a role on Weeds, and a Series Regular role in How I Survive High School from the producers of Saved by the Bell as well as landing a Series Regular role in a new NBC/Universal docu-series pilot for E! Network.

Quickly her music took notice as well and several of her original songs were added to the soundtracks of the feature films, Beyond the Mat and Minor Details.

As a songwriter, Lissa has written for Disney stars as well as winners from American Idol and X Factor. Loving the creative process, Lissa will work anywhere and gets song ideas at the most random moments which was proven in the song she wrote, Boys and Girls. After talking with her best friend, at 3 AM, this song was created.

It swiftly became a crowd favorite so Lissa took her vision of an honest and real portrayal of the song, and released the Boys and Girls Music Video on VEVO. Within 48 hours, it garnered over 200,000 views and was featured on the front page of Youtube, trending, between Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

Lissa then snagged the starring role in the female-driven comedy Spare Change from the producers of Orange is the New Black, alongside many TV stars, and is currently featured on Amazon. Some of her original music is included in the soundtrack as well. Most recently, Lissa is the female lead in a “Weekend At Bernies” remake, Wally Got Wasted, which will debut in 2018.

At the same time, Lissa is venturing out into all arenas. She started The I Am Movement, (www.theiammovement.com) which is a foundation that encourages people to love themselves just the way they are. She’s already made an impact in the lives of teens and young adults; helping them avoid suicide, cutting, eating disorders and all of the other monsters in our society that tend to shorten the lives of so many who have lost hope. Recently, she was requested to write a self-help book for teens and young adults trying to make sense of their life. For Lissa, the entertainment business was never just about entertaining but also about changing lives.

Now in Nashville where she feels she can create the music that is authentic to her, she is working toward building an album that she hopes will connect with the world.